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Unhiding from a slump

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. 

Well, ok.

A big, dark, smoldering, why-am-I-even-doing-this, slump.

I don’t know if it’s because of the school holidays and the little time I’ve had between endless driving, first north and then south, or due to wading through another structural edit of my novel. Could be both. Could be neither. In any case, I’ve been hiding because of it. Hiding from social media, hiding from my writing buddies and most definitely hiding from my manuscript. So last Thursday when I looked at my calendar and saw I had a coffee date with a close writing friend followed by a commitment to attend an open house at the Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin, my first impulse was to cancel and crawl back under my enormous pile of post-holiday washing.

Except I didn’t.
I dragged myself along and it changed everything. First, the meeting with my gorgeous friend Karen Comer ended with a concrete plan on ‘finishing the damn book’ and then my evening at Faber made me realise that there were people out there that cared and could help. Because Karen, the amazing tutors at Faber (Martine Murray, Toni Jordan and Paddy O’Reilly) and the staff at Allen & Unwin (especially editor extraordinaire Elise Jones) helped me realise I don’t have to fumble, bumble and cry through my manuscript alone. These people, like me, love books, they want to fold themselves into stories and sprinkle them over the world and just being around them turned my whole perspective around. It pumped up my tires again.

Nothing earth shattering happened Thursday, it was just a small nudge, but I felt exhilarated and positive again. It felt like the universe was shouting, ‘Keep going, you’ve got this!’ And you know what?

I’m listening.

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  1. Karen Comer says:

    So flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Allen and Unwin editors and the Faber and Faber presenters! You’re going to do this, Renee – this is the year. Talent will always shine through.

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