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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

A story inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Starr Carter juggles the complexity of race, friendship and opportunity while she tries to fight against what is still so wrong in modern day America.


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OVERALL: 5 Stars

Concept: 4.5 Stars
Characters: 5 Stars
Plot: 4.5 Stars
Writing: 5 Stars


Angie Thomas
Walker Books


I reviewed this book for the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

You can find my review by clicking here: CBCA Review



This is a book for kids over the age of fourteen because of its themes. However, the way Angie Thomas handles the big issues in this book makes it accessible and relevant and a damn good read for teens and adults alike. What she does so well is balance the important, deep and often raw issues with humour and wit which makes them more easily digested and harder to ignore. This is a must-read book of 2017.

The themes include racism, equality, police violence, drugs, gang life, friendship, and injustice.

Things to ask and discuss:

If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry. Ask these questions anyway and coax the answers out. Or just let your child mull it over alone. And don’t worry if they don’t want to talk about some of the things listed here, it’s ok to just let them talk about the bits they want to. Bottom line is, they will love that you are showing an interest and asking for their opinion even if they don’t always show it.

*Spoiler alerts in the questions!!*

1. Why do you think it is such a difficult decision for Starr to let everyone know that she was in the car with Khalil?

2. There are negatives to being one of the only black kids at her school. What are the major negatives? Are there any positives?

3. How did you feel when the police officer was acquitted of doing anything wrong by killing Khalil? Do you agree with the decision?

4. In your own words, explain what is meant by the title of this book – ‘The Hate U Give’.  How can we change this cycle?


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  1. Karen Comer says:

    Fabulous review, Renee – I really like how you explain the background and big picture of the story.

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