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Books for kids with reading difficulties

Learning to read can be hard. It is a long process with steps forward, back and sideways along the way. Imagine then, if your child has a condition that makes learning to read even harder.

This isn’t something I have had to face personally. My two eldest children entered school being able to read and neither has ever had a problem with the desire or the capability to read, but when I clicked on the profile of an author that had suddenly decided to follow me on Twitter and saw that he had written books aimed at getting adhd kids to read, it got me thinking: what other resources are out there for kids with learning difficulties. And actually, it even motivated me to go looking! (see below)

Because, reading is obviously important. I read an article by Neil Gaiman recently (Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming), where he mentioned that in America, they use a simple algorithm to predict the number of prison cells they will need in the future and it’s based on the number of 10 and 11 year olds that can’t read. This doesn’t mean that every kid that can’t read is consigned to a life of crime, just that there is a strong correlation. With being able to read linked to such strong social consequences its no wonder there has been a renaissance of sorts in children’s literature and encouraging children to read and read widely.

This in turn has created a market for different kinds of books for those kids who may need a bit of an extra helping hand. Here are a few that I have found:

Books for kids with ADHD – Keith White jr

Keith has created a series of books where every few pages there is a page to colour in. The idea here is that it gives kids with ADHD a break from reading while giving them more information about the story to digest. Indeed the idea that kids need pictures well beyond toddler years to help with comprehension as well as to encourage them to read more, is one gaining popularity and rapidly being backed by evidence, cue: Treehouse Books by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, Diary of a Wimpy kid and Geronimo Stilton. Link to Keith White jr’s website.

Books that are good for kids with dyslexia

The dyslexia shop in the UK has a list of books that can encourage a reluctant reader with dyslexia to read. Again, it seems that books with a healthy balance of illustrations and words will help.

Books for kids with autism

The website is dedicated to helping parents and kids deal with autism. They have a section with recommended books.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive. Have you got any books or sites to add?



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