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It’s time to sleep your crazy sleep!

sheepOVERALL: 4.5 4.5 Stars

Concept:4.5 Stars
Illustrations:5 Stars
Plot:4.5 Stars
Writing:4.5 Stars


Alison Ritchie
Cornelia Haas
Koala Books


But Phoebe’s sheep have other plans – they’re bored of jumping gates. They’re heading for the ice rink, and putting on their skates.

Description: Phoebe tries to get to sleep but she can’t, so she starts counting sheep. Problem is, her sheep are too busy to be counted and instead take Phoebe along on some madcap adventures.

Concept: This is a cute concept, that is not only funny but inventive and imaginative as well. I like the idea that instead of calmly jumping fences like expected, Phoebe’s sheep (imagination) come up with much more interesting things to do!

Illustrations: I really like the illustrations in this book. They are detailed, bright and cheerful. Who would have thought you could draw so many sheep doing so many different things!

Plot: This is a well thought out picture book that reaches a happy conclusion. I like the way the naughty sheep trick Phoebe into wanting to count them so that she eventually falls asleep!

Writing: I am a bit of a sucker for a rhyming picture book. They are lovely to read and listen to. This one is very good with an easy rhythm.

A nice book to read again and again. It’s imaginative, has interesting pictures and rhymes. What else could you ask for!!

Things to ask and discuss:

1) Why were the sheep tricky?

2) What was the best thing the sheep did?

3) How many sheep do you think there really were?

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