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10 funny books for kids

Farts, smelly brothers, spelling disasters, chocolate loving pigs and of course, bums and underpants. These 10 hilarious books are sure to have your kids flipping the pages at breakneck speed. They are also great to read together, especially if you are trying to inject some more fun into your nightly reading routine. So have a laugh at a cow who lays an egg, a girl who brings her baby brother to school for pet day and a treehouse with its own baby-dinosaur petting zoo.


The Swap by Jan Ormerod, Pictures by Andrew JoynerThe swap

Ages 0 – 6

Caroline the Crocodile is very, very, jealous of her baby brother. He dribbles, smells and takes up all the room on Mum’s lap. So she decides to take him to the baby shop and swap him for a brother that is just right. Which proves to be harder than she thought.


imagesThe Cow That Laid An Egg by Andy Cutbill

Ages 0 – 7

Marjorie is upset. She has no special talent, she can’t ride bicycles or do handstands like the other cows. But lucky for Marjorie her friends the chickens are around to help her out. I love reading this book to my kids because no matter how many times I do, it always makes me laugh. The illustrations by Russell Ayto are super funny too.


Ivy and Bean Series by Annie Barrowsivyandbean

Ages 5 – 8

This series for younger readers is perfect to read together. Ivy and Bean are two very different girls who together get into some very funny situations. Like the time they wanted to buy some wax covered cheese and pre-sold a newsletter subscription to their neighbours to earn the money. Great idea, except that the newsletter ended up spilling some rather delicate secrets in the process!


junee B jones seriesJunee B Jones by Barbara Park

Ages 5 – 8

If you like Billie B Brown, you will love Junee B Jones. This spunky kindergartner will have you laughing out loud with her everyday antics. Another great series of books to curl up with and read together. But be warned, these books were written almost two decades ago and contain a lot of American slang. And Junee can be rather naughty and a bit back chatty (like any 6-year-old), so if words like dumb and stupid bother you and you prefer the kids in your books to be model citizens, then this might not be the series for you. (It’s super funny though!)


Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt nanny piggins

Ages 8 – 12

I recently went to a book launch for R.A. Spratt’s other series, Friday Barnes (which is also funny, btw) and was delighted by how hilarious and entertaining R.A. Spratt is. She started off with a bugle, bribed the kids with lollies and shot a missile into the crowd using a homemade launcher. But by far the funniest thing she did was pretend to be Nanny Piggins. The kids (ok, and I) were in hysterics. This inspired me to buy her first book in the series and I have since bought all the others. My daughter who is 8 cannot put them down and is whizzing through them while retelling me the funny bits. And trust me, there are LOTS of funny bits.


Storey Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Dentonstorey treehouse series

Ages 6 – 13

As the storeys on the treehouse grow so to do the laughs. I took my kids to see the launch of the 65th Storey Treehouse and they couldn’t get enough of Andy, Terry and the book. Andy Griffiths has been writing for kids for a LONG time and with this series he has hit gold. Your kids will read these books over and over and love them forever.



alice-mirandsThe Clementine Rose Series and Alice-Miranda Series by Jacqueline Harvey

Clementine: Ages 5 – 8

Alice-Miranda: Ages 8 – 11ClementineRoseSeries_desktop_wallpaper

The humour in these books isn’t as obvious as say, the Treehouse Series or David Walliams, but it’s in there, usually wrapped up in sweetness, kindness and the power of positive thinking. Both Clementine Rose and Alice-Miranda are strong female role models and your little girls especially, will love them!


super sport storiesSuper Sports Stories for Kids by Patrick Loughlin

Ages 6 – 11

With stories about magpies that chase runners at little aths, and ghosts who guard football oval dunnies, this collection of short stories is not only funny  but quintessentially Australian. Your middle graders will also enjoy the fact they can knock off one complete story a night, which makes it perfect for the night time reading routine.


Clarice Bean Series by Lauren Childclarice bean spells trouble

Age 7 – 10

If you love Charlie and Lola then you will love Clarice Bean. These books are aimed at a slightly older crowd than Charlie and Lola but they have the same humorous phrasing, quirky situations and cute illustrations. There are six books in the series. My favourite is Clarice Bean Spells Trouble.


captain underpants

Captain Underpants Series by Dav Pilkey

Ages 6 -12

I am yet to meet a boy that does not think that Captain Underpants is hilarious!! And rightly so, because a grown man who wears only underpants and a red cape IS super funny, right? This series revolves around two fourth grade boys, Harold and George who accidentally hypnotise their school principal into becoming Captain Underpants. Filled with loads of funny illustrations, aliens, inventions and laugh out loud signs (you’ll know what I mean when you read the books!), Captain Underpants will have your middle grader devouring these books and bursting to show you all the funny bits!


So that’s it! Get reading and laughing, but before you do, which book holds the title of ‘funniest book ever’ in your house? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Shelly Unwin says:

    Love Junie B Jones, such a funny kid! But do you know where to find them?

    • rmihulka says:

      I bought mine from Book depository in a box set. They have three different boxed sets and they are $20 for four books. Thanks for checking out my site! It’s a work in progress. Just trying things, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

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