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Pirates Love Underpants

Pirates Love Underpants

OVERALL: 4 Stars

Concept:3.5 Stars
Characters:3 Stars
Plot:4 Stars
Writing:4 Stars


Claire Freedman
Ben Cort


Another edition in the Underpants series, this picture book is a funny, light tale filled with pirates and of course, underpants.

Description: A cute book that kids just seem to love – especially when they are going through that inevitable stage where everything poo, bum and underpants is hilariously funny. This book is written in simple 4 line rhyme (ie 4 lines per page where the last words of the second and fourth line rhyme). Some rhymes are a bit forced but …

‘The Captain has a cunning plan,

It’s clever! It’s fantastic!

Grab their fancy underpants and…

CUT through the elastic!

is funny no matter how old you are. The illustrations are engaging and well done.


This book has some advanced vocabulary which should give you an opportunity to introduce and talk about some interesting new words with your kids. A couple of examples: fabled, unfurl, cunning and rival.

The rhyming makes it easy to read and for kids to remember.

Things to talk about:

1) How did the pirates know someone was already on the island?

2) Why do you think they named the ship ‘Black Bloomer?

3) Why do you think the first set of pirates is asleep?

4) Why is there a picture of a little boy on the last page? How does he fit in?



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