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Trouble and the Missing Cat by Cate Whittle


Cute little mystery for younger readers

trouble and missing cat

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Having a dragon for a pet can have it’s problems but it won’t stop Georgia from finding out what happened to Mrs Jones’ cat.

OVERALL: 3.5 3.5 Stars

Concept:4 Stars
Characters:3.5 Stars
Plot:3 Stars
Writing:4 Stars


Cate Whittle
Stephen Michael King
Omnibus Books



Georgia’s pet dragon Trouble has been banned from school. The asphalt and school oval just can’t the battering anymore. But Georgia doesn’t have time to deal with a lonely, expelled dragon, she has a mystery to solve and a cat to find. This is the second book in the Trouble the Dragon series.


Having a dragon as a pet and the craziness that ensues is a great little concept for younger readers. Who doesn’t want a dragon to take them to school every morning!


Georgia is extremely likeable. She is observant, determined and strong. A great role model for this age. I would have liked Trouble to feature a bit more but for the most part, all the characters in this book were fun and lively.

‘!’ said Mrs Jones, which is a strange glumping noise that both Henry and I discovered when we first met Trouble.


Plot is always tricky in a book this size. I was impressed how it all came together in the end and how Georgia was able to describe the clues along the way and that would have pointed the reader in the right direction to solving the mystery. But I have to admit I even missed a few!


The writing is smart and fast paced.

 This book has a witty, faced paced tone. Written in first-person makes it relatable and immediate. The language choice is good, easy to read but still challenging enough.



This book is recommended for Primary School children, but I have to amend this and say it is perfect for kids in Grades 1 – 3. (You may have to help your Grade 1 and 2 reader, though). My daughter who is in Grade 4,  and 9yo, found it a bit ‘young’ for her liking.

The themes in this book are friendship, mysteries and fantasy.

Things to ask and discuss:

If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry. Ask these questions anyway and coax the answers and
out. Or just let your child mull it over alone. Don’t worry if they don’t want to talk about some of the things listed here, it’s ok to just let them talk about the bits they want to. Bottom line is, they will love that you are showing an interest and asking for their opinion, even if they don’t always show it

*Spoiler alerts in the questions!!*

1. Why do you think that Trouble stole Mrs Jones’ cat?

2. What were the clues Georgia had to solve the disappearance of Mrs Jones’ cat?

3. Why do you think Georgia was so quick to assume Braedon was responsible? Do you think it was fair?

4. Tell me three things you liked about the book and three things you didn’t.



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