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I’m a passionate writer of Middle-Grade fiction featuring kids that travel the world scavenger hunting and girls with wings instead of hands. My YA fiction is about a girl with the worst super power ever – perfect memory. Which is kinda hard to take when all your friends are flying and transforming into bean bags. Still. Could be worse.

Three of my completed manuscripts are out on submission ATM so fingers crossed!

With a Diploma of Education, I’ve always loved working with kids even though my background is in superannuation, (don’t yawn, it’s a crazy, fast-paced world of hijinks, ok not really) and corporate training. There was also a time when I was honing eight-year-old forehands and backhands on a tennis court.

I love sport especially tennis and NFL (as in American football, Go Denver Broncos!), but I will watch pretty much any sport except racing – both horse and car. Really why bother, right?

Three amazing children call me Mum and most of the time I answer. I’m proud of my Czech heritage and love to travel. Like most writers I have bottom draws filled with prose, articles and opinion, but my passion is middle-grade fiction. Who doesn’t want to write cool adventures with happy endings?! My dream? To be published. One day it will happen.

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