My Books

My Books

None of these books are yet. But a couple are on submission and's hoping!

Catch the Villain, Save the World

This series is a humorous, fast-paced, action-adventure aimed at reluctant readers — think Where in the World is Carman Sandiego meets Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. In each book, the reader becomes a detective and solves puzzles in order to capture a member of the criminal organisation — The Mombassa Collective. As the series progresses, the reader’s detective rank increases and the puzzles and clues become slightly harder, with the ultimate book pitting the reader against criminal mastermind Chilli Mombassa. (completed and on submission)

Pemberley World Racers - Haunted Savannah

This is the first book in an adventure mystery series about a group of four kids who travel the world, competing in Scavenger Hunt Races and solving mysteries. 

The first mystery is set in the haunted city of Savannah, USA, where they try to solve the murder of a 200-year-old ghost. Think the Amazing Race meets modern-day Famous Five. (completed and on submission)

100 ways to be good

This story explores the theme of being good, and what that means for a 12-year-old girl who is caught between trying to please those she cares about and learning about who she wants to be. The context around this is a wish gone wrong and a journey through fame that isn't what she expected. (work in progress)

Letters 3 and 4 are the symbols to the right. They're written in one of my favourite ciphers - the Pigpen Cipher

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