Three Cool Ciphers

Three Cool Ciphers

Ciphers are a way to disguise messages and you can have loads of fun with your friends and family using them. Below are three of my favourites.

Pigpen cipher

I just love this cipher — as you probably noticed from the entry passoword! It is so simple and yet so cool.

Dechipher the code below to find out how many times JK Rowling's Harry Potter manuscript was rejected before Bloomsbury picked it up.

Phone Cipher

This cipher is also super simple and super cool. The way you code you message is you take the number on the phone keypad (this is a standard keypad) and then the position of the letter you want. So, if the first letter in your code is T you would write 81 - 8 for button 8 and 1 because T is the first letter on that number. 

Decipher this code to find out David Walliams' middle name.

33 31 91 21 73 31

Vigenere Cipher

This is a more complicated cipher. It works by using the table to the right and a keyword both parties know to formulate the encryption and also decipher it.

As you can see below, to encrypt your message you first write it down in a row. Then underneath you align each letter from the message with a letter from the keyword (in my case YUCK), repeating the keyword for as long as you have letters in your message. 

Now this is where the table comes in. You find the first letter of your message (I) in the first column of the table, then you move along the row until you interact with the letter in you keyword along the top row (Y). This intersecting letter becomes the first letter in your code (G). You do this for each letter in your message. 

To decipher the code, find the code letter (Y) in the first column and then find the encrypted letter (G) in the horizontal. Then follow that column up to the top vertical and you find the message letter (I). 

Like I said, it's a bit tricky until you get the hang of it, but it is almost impossible to break an encrypted message unless you have the code word.

Decipher this code to find out what Andy Griffiths' favourite food is according to his website. I think he's just tricking!



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